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History of Negroni

Originally created in Florentine bars about 100 years ago, this cocktail was initially called “An Americano in the style of Count Negroni,” but later became simply known as the Negroni.
The Negroni, born in Florence on an unspecified day in 1919, has remained unchanged to this day, almost a century later.
The legend begins with Count Camillo Negroni, an eclectic character from the Florentine nobility who seems to have stepped out of a novel: cowboy, fencing master, and gambler. In Florence, he was hard to miss driving one of the first cars in the city, always elegant with his top hat. If you visited the Grand Hotel (now St Regis Hotel), you might have seen
him sitting at the bar sipping a drink.
One day he asked bartender Fosco Scarselli of the Casoni drugstore and perfumery on Via de’ Tornabuoni to “strengthen” the usual Americano. At the time, the Americano was a very fashionable cocktail made by mixing vermouth, bitters, and soda.
Camillo pointed out the gin bottle to his trusted bartender. He wanted to “strengthen” the alcoholic content of the cocktail without altering its color. It was his idea to garnish the drink with a slice of orange, a real innovation at the time, which became his signature.
At that time, it was common to put lemon peel in cocktails; the use of orange was a real luxury.
The Negroni was born.

Simple to make, it is born from the expert blend of bitter, red Vermouth, and
The bitter is a liqueur, a distillate that is then flavored in various ways, depending on the taste of the producer. Far from the alcoholic content of real spirits, it is a real aperitif liqueur.
It is no coincidence that its most loyal lover in this aperitif is Vermouth, bitter but at the same time sweet.
Composed of 75% wine, Vermouth is what the ancient Greeks called a “Hippocratic Wine,” a wine-based drink to which ethyl alcohol, as well as various spices, aromatic herbs, and flavors, are added.
The Vermouth used to mix the Negroni is red, a sweet Vermouth, composed of a quantity of sugar equal to or greater than 130 grams. The only Vermouth in which caramel is allowed to be used as a colorant, in this product, the sweet taste is perfectly balanced by an herbal bitter note.

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